"There’s nothing like cruising the open water in style. And with the LEGO Creator Cruising Adventures set now you’ll be building your own boat fit to sail the seas. Head in search of sun, palm trees and paradise onboard your own luxury yacht. The cool blue and white colour scheme screams sophistication, while the radar and accessible cabin mean you’ll get to where you’re going in style. The yacht also features 4 hull-mounted life preservers and comes with everything you need for ocean adventures including a water scooter, surfboard, fishing rod, and palm tree.   And if you get bored with sailing? Well, you can even rebuild the set for whole new adventures including a cosy Beach House with a dock and sailboat, or a Helicopter with a landing pad and control tower. Wow. Suitable for Lego creators aged 9 and up."

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"Take to the sky for a bird's-eye view with the cool 3-in-1 Drone Explorer. Your Drone Exporer features a large, opening cockpit, twin rotors, lifting claw and a cool orange, white and black colour scheme. Send the drone on secret missions, film the action from the sky and transmit it back to base. When you're done, rebuild the Drone Explorer and take to the marshes aboard a powerful Swamp Boat or perform daring aerial maneuvers in a classic Propeller Plane. This LEGO building set's ideal for ages six years and up."

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"Shake the ground with the menacing LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs. Open its mouth to reveal razor-sharp teeth, position the huge claws and move its head and tail. This set also includes the remains of the T. rex's latest prey! Rebuild to create other Mighty Dinosaurs; a powerful Triceratops or a terrifying Pterodactyl. A great gift for ages seven and up."

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"Who dares wins! And who wins is the one to jump over the truck! Now with this LEGO Creator Mobile Stunt Show, you can bring to life the most daring of competitions. Get the monster truck ready, light it up with the floodlight tower, set those stunt ramps up. The show is about to start! The flatbed transporter also features 2 fiery exhaust stacks and a detailed driver’s cab complete with a bed and TV – it’s not just for jumping. And when the first part of the show’s over? Well, this 3-in-1 model is easily rebuilt into a Hot Rod Pickup or 2 Dragster Racers – the stunts won’t ever stop! Suitable for dare-devils aged 8 and up. Includes: 2 minifigures: a stuntwoman and her trusty mechanic."

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"Create your dream location with the 3-in-1 Modular Skate House. It features a detailed interior with radio, TV and sofa, plus a large outdoor skateboard ramp, monkey bars, climbing wall and a basketball hoop. You can also take a ride on a scooter or try your hand at some graffiti art. Mix and combine the buildable modules and easily swap the windows, door and other modular sections to customise the Modular Skate House with the LEGO® Creator modular system. This 3-in-1 construction toy also rebuilds into a Games Arcade with machines and a corner café or a Skate Park complete with an exciting skateboard track, and includes 2 minifigures, both ready for fun and adventure. This LEGO set's ideal for ages eight and up. What's in the box? 2 x minifigures Accessory elements Modular Skate House Games Arcade Skate Park "

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"Make all your customers happy and serve them the best in sweet treats with this Lego Cake Shop. It’s time to get creative with the LEGO Creator Modular Sweet Surprises set and build your very own bustling sweet business. You’ll build a colourful shop front, with 3 red-and-white striped awnings and a large bay window to entice the customers in. They’ll grab their sweet treats from the rotating cake stand before climbing the staircase to enjoy your offerings on the seated roof terrace – the best place to truly relax. Bring the parasol out to give them some shade and hope they take more money out from the ATM to purchase your stunning sweet morsels. Suitable for cool creators aged 8 and up."

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"Enjoy mythical adventures with this awesome 3-in-1 LEGO Creator set. Build a roaring, fire-breathing Dragon with menacing green eyes, huge pointed claws and a fiery dark-red and yellow colour scheme. Whip the Dragon's powerful tail, fold out its wings and take to the skies! Then rebuild it for further mythical adventures featuring a Giant Spider with large pincers and creepy legs, or a mean-looking Troll with an axe that doubles as a heavy-metal guitar. This LEGO set's ideal for ages seven years and up."

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"What do pirates love more than sailing the open seas in search of treasure? Riding roller coasters of course. And with the LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster you can create your very own pirate theme park. Build your very own functional roller coaster fit for even the most treacherous of pirates. They’ll feel right at home with the sunken galleon, skull archway, palm tree and octopus, as they roll and ride in their shark-themed carriages. Just watch out for the water and cannon! Who’s ready me-hearties? And if the roller coaster gets too much for the pesky pirates? Well, the set can be rebuilt for fun-times aboard The Skull Ride or The Ship Ride. Suitable for pirate mates aged 9 and up. Includes: 4 minifigures ready for the fun of the fairground, plus a skeleton figure."

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"Thunder through forests and fields with the awesome Rocket Rally Car. It features a fresh green, black and blue colour scheme, huge tinted windshield, detailed cockpit with opening doors, and awesome blue alloy rims with low profile tyres. Press the button to raise the hood scoop, then lift the rear hatch, position the powerful rocket engine and blast off at amazing speed! When you're done, rebuild it to create a super-powerful Jet Truck or take on rugged terrain aboard a tough and compact Quad Bike. This LEGO set's ideal for ages seven and up."

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"Head for the beach aboard the cool Sunshine Surfer Van. Load the surfboard, parasol, table, and foldaway sun lounger and chair onto the roof rack and jump aboard. Use your binoculars to find a good surf spot, then light up the barbecue and hit the waves! When you're done surfing, enjoy a warm drink and a spot of TV inside the cozy van, then rebuild the camper into a Lifeguard Tower and rush to the rescue on a cool quad bike, or create an awesome Beach Buggy for racing over the dunes. This LEGO set's ideal for ages eight and up."

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