"Enter the tunnels of Stryker's Island in Batman's super-flexible Knightcrawler to take on the evil Parademons! Drive or flip into crawl mode to climb obstacles and walls. Fire the rapid shooters and leap out of the cockpit. Dodge the Parademons' stud shooters and fight back with the Batarang. Whoosh—here comes The Flash™ with his Power Blasts! Together, you must win the battle for the precious Mother Box! This LEGO building set's ideal for ages seven and up. What's in the box? 4 x minifigures Weapons Mother Box Accessory elements Knightcrawler "

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"Join the Dark Knight against the Gotham Rogues with the LEGO DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile - 76112. This incredible Batmobile uses two motors that are powered by a Bluetooth-controlled battery hub. A simple press on the Batmobile roof will turn it on or off and you can then control the vehicle using an exclusive, LEGO app! The villains will never see you coming! With a brand-new Batman LEGO minifigure, weapons and LEGO elements, this set is an adventure for everyone. Open the minifigure cockpit, rev up the four-wheel drive and take down the bad guys with the two Bat-blasters. Indoor use only. Batteries not included. A brilliant, 321 piece set for superheroes 8 and over."

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"Protect the Batcave with Batman™ in his cool Batwing jet!  Launch the jet from the Batcave while Robin™ monitors from the control centre, and chase after The Joker™ in his flame-shooting hot rod! Fire some Batdiscs at the car from the Batwing and dodge the dynamite the Joker is throwing back. Can you catch him and toss him in the jail cell before he gets away? This LEGO building set's ideal for ages four years and up. What's in the box? 3 x minifigures Weapons Accessory elements Batcave Batwing Hot rod "

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"Brother Eye™ needs to be taken down and the cyborg OMAC™ simply must be defeated. There’s nothing for it, Batman™ and Batwoman simply must do something. And they’ll be doing just that with the LEGO Super Heroes Batman Brother Eye Takedown set, featuring that essential piece of combat equipment – the Batjet. The cockpit opens so your minifigure Batman can get in position to shoot the stud shooters and operate the assortment of weapons that can be attached. It even includes the new Bat weapons and elements only available in August 2018, as well as Brother Eye with a light brick eye element, adjustable talons and a stud shooter.   Suitable for future caped crusaders aged 6 and up. Includes: 3 minifigures."

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